IoD Kent talk to Kent Business TV

Andrew Metcalf, Vice-Chairman, Iod Kent spoke to Kent Business TV at their Business Breakfast at Kent County Show. Click above to watch our film.
About Institute Of Directors

The IoD is a non party-political business organisation founded by Royal Charter in 1903, currently with around 43,000 members.

The IoD has always championed the entrepreneur and seeks to provide an environment conducive to business success. For any company to prosper, directors will be continually engaged in making decisions involving innovation, risk and investment. Entrepreneurial activity needs to take place within a solid, strategic framework.

Informed decisions depend upon knowledge and experience. The IoD has always been dedicated to providing directors with the information and advice they require to help their business succeed.

Over the last 5 years, membership has grown by over 11,000 members and includes directors from many sectors of the economy – from media to manufacturing, e-business to public sector. Members include CEOs of large corporations as well as entrepreneurial directors of start-up companies. They are represented in 92% of FTSE 100 companies, whilst 70% of our members are directors of small and mid-sized enterprises.

About IoD Kent

Current membership total is in the region of 1500 of which around 40% are Chairmen, Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors and 45 % are non-executive or other titled directors.

The largest proportion of their membership comprises of activity in the Banking, Financial and Business Services – 41% but they represent the full range of industry including Agriculture, Engineering, Construction, Transport & Communications, Manufacturing and the Service sector.

Individuals in their organisation lead companies with turnovers from 250K – 8% to over 500M – 2% with 37% boasting turnover between 250K and 5M per annum and 28% turnover between 5M and 500 M. 40% of their membership employ 25 people or less.

Kent Branch is ahead of the national average for female members – 9.27% and members under 40 years old – 12.46% reflecting their initiatives to fully represent the movers and shakers in business today.

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