Do People Take The Back Of A Bus To Bed?

They may not, at first glance, seem as exciting as bus advertising, TV and radio ads, posters or coffee cup sleeves but bookmarks are powerful campaign tools. The reason is quite simple. People are more likely to take a book to bed.

Reading books at home is the fifth most popular pastime ahead of gardening and DIY. That makes campaign messages on a bookmark highly effective. The statistics are staggering. It’s estimated that:

– there are around 324 million library visits per year in the UK

– 58% of the population are library members (that’s more than 33 million people)

– 48% of library users visit at least once a month.

– 93% of library visitors rate their library service ‘good’ or ‘very good’

The mechanism is very simple – a company’s (or organisation’s) message appears on one side of the bookmark, the library’s on the other.

The Bookmark People design, produce and distribute promotional bookmarks throughout libraries in the UK and, explains managing director John Kirk: “Bookmarks are primarily a tool – people pick them up and use them because they’re useful.

“So people get the message without having to go and look for the information and the bookmarks are seen many times over. And they get the message at a time when they are most receptive, not among many other competing messages in newspapers, on TV or on the back of buses in moving traffic. They may not, at first glance, seem as exciting as TV and radio but they’re powerful and that’s what matters to the advertiser.”

Librarians are keen to distribute free bookmarks to their users for two reasons, explains Kirk; they are a very powerful means of getting their own messages across and they help prevent damage to book stock.

Public libraries are the most popular cultural institution in the UK and more people visit them than go to football matches, tourist attractions or museums. There are more than 4,000 permanent public library sites and around 570 mobile libraries in the UK.

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