Working In TV: The Insider’s Guide

It is well known that breaking into the TV industry can be tough. Many people want to work in the industry, but the small number of opportunities compared to the high numbers of applicants means that at entry level the competition is fierce; with up to 90% of jobs filled through word of mouth.

The key to success, according to Julian Dismore, author of ‘TV: An Insider’s Guide’ is to stand out from the crowd.

‘The best way to do this is to be yourself, work hard and be passionate about what you do’, Julian explains. ‘Also, it is often not what you know, but who you know.’


Julian is passionate about supporting people to achieve their dream of making it into the TV industry, and it is the first important steps that people often get wrong, wasting valuable time.

Julian’s Five Top Tips for Sourcing Contacts:

Be alert! Contacts are all around you.
Spread your net wide – normally someone you know, knows someone.
Watch the credits on the programmes you like – …keep an eye out for the following people: the producer, series producer and production manager….watch out for the name at the end of the credits, so that you can track them down using tip number 4.
Use the internet and be a detective – all the major TV programme-making companies have easy to find web sites. The potential contacts from tip number 3 may be on there….Send in your CV.
Read trade papers and magazines such as Broadcast – the articles will feature the key players in the industry.

Obviously there is a lot more to becoming a success in the TV industry than this, but everyone has to start somewhere, and as Julian says, ‘Make your first step a big step, and get it right, and you can leave a lot of the competition behind!’

‘TV: An Insider’s Guide. How To Be a Success In The TV Industry’ is published by the HotHive price £11.99.

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