Message Horizon Cuts Cost Of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

UK web application development company Secure Email Hosting today unveils its new email marketing solution, Message Horizon ( This web-based product is designed to enable smaller businesses and charities to self-manage their customer communication using a highly cost effective service that allows any quantity of email campaigns to be sent to an unlimited list size; all for a fixed monthly fee.

Jonathan Rodger, managing director of Secure Email Hosting, comments, “We are the first email marketing solution that imposes no limits on the number of addresses that you store in your lists, nor on the number of emails that you send out.”

He adds, “There are other email marketing packages, but most of the bigger ones are based either in North America or Australia and this can be an issue for UK clients needing responsive support during their normal working day.

Also, having looked at the pricing of these systems, we thought they were expensive, particularly for clients generating frequent mailings to databases containing over 10,000 email addresses.

We plan to bring exceptional value to this market with Message Horizon.”

The differentiators;

Message Horizon has a straightforward pricing plan that doesn’t have incremental charges for customers with larger lists. For a fixed monthly fee of £29 + VAT, clients can upload as many email addresses as they like, with no restrictions on the quantity of e-shots. The only requirement is that all uploaded email addresses belong to existing customers of the business and/or have been collected on an “opt-in”
basis by the client.

Aimed at any organisation wanting to conduct its own email communications with customers without having to refer to an in-house “techie” or designer, the service addresses a common problem. Jonathan Rodger explains: “Often people have a good idea about how they want a marketing email to look, but have real issues creating a consistent design for all the email clients out there. We offer a service to create a HTML template from the design supplied by a customer that will work in all common email viewing programs — all for no extra charge.”

Another differentiator is that all customer support queries are handled by in-house experts based in this country. And access to the help desk is free to all subscribers… forever.

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