Do you want to be more successful in business?

In his brand new book – The DNA of Success – Chris Norton, owner and director of Mentor Group, shares the incredible secrets of success of some of the highest profile business leaders in the UK today.

With contributors including Lord MacLaurin of Knebworth, Graham Taylor, Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, Penny Hughes, Greg Dyke, Sir Peter Squire, Frederick Forsyth, Vince Cable and Mahan Khalsa, The DNA of Success provides a unique insight into the fascinating lives of these people who have each become extremely successful within their own worlds of business, the military, sports, the arts and politics.

As a result of spending time with and interviewing his contributors, Chris discovered that success is not a chance event in people’s lives, and through extensive research concludes that successful people have become this way by applying a ‘DNA’ that is repeatable, applicable and can be passed to others.

On his journey Chris discovered seven key attributes of leadership and personal style that he was able to distil into his book, enabling and inspiring readers to:

* Develop their own fast-track success strategy by applying keys to success
* Learn how to overcome setbacks and continually hold positivity as the number one mindset
* Develop a personal brand for success
* Apply personal development techniques that eventually become part of everyday life, and lead to increased achievement.

“I was curious and fascinated about what makes people successful and how this could be reproduced within a DNA that could be understandable, articulated and applied,” says Chris. “What has clearly emerged is that my contributors have integrated success into their lives, yet interestingly not at the cost of key relationships, their values, or their health and relationships.”

The DNA of Success is a uniquely inspirational book, packed full of learning, guidance from incredibly successful professionals, and a workable blueprint for practical application.

Lord MacLaurin of Knebworth says, “In my career both inside and outside business I believe there are great teachers waiting to tell their stories. Chris has gathered some of the best in the UK in what is a fascinating and unique approach to success.”

To apply this inspiration into your own life, pick up a copy of The DNA of Success, by Chris Norton published by the HotHive, price £15.00. Available from, Amazon and all good bookstores.

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