Video News Releases

Kent Business TV has launched a new service to produce dynamic digital content in the form of video news releases for businesses in the county with an introductory price of £395.00 plus VAT.

There has been an explosion of video content produced by organisations this year as they start to realise the potential and the importance of communicating online to their target audience.

“It is estimated that more than 70% of online audiences watch video content and this figure will only increase in the future.” Commented Claire Ashford, Director, Kent Business TV.

“Marketeers are now moving beyond traditional marketing techniques and are commissioning their own content. Our aim is to offer businesses in Kent the opportunity to produce compelling and cost effective films for use on their own websites and the ever growing number of video sharing sites.”

To find out more information about this new service, please email or call Claire on 07703 469034

Here are a few examples;

Wire Belt Limited

Computers for Africa/ Rap Interiors

Kent Business Radio


Recruitment Genius