Pink Car Rally – Plea for Participants

Pink cars cannot really be missed and yet the Pink Car Rally organiser, Sali Gray, is struggling to locate the 7569 pink cars, which are on the road in the UK. “I was delighted when the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd (SMMT) told me how many pink cars there are, but I’m at a complete loss as to how to find them”, she explained. “Last year 39 pink cars and a pink National Express Coach participated in the Rally, but I really want to tell more pink car owners about it.”

The Pink Car Rally is really more of a pretty pink procession. Previous participating cars include a Reliant Rialto, Ford StreetKas, a Kia Sorrento, Audi TTs, a Porsche, a Mercedes, Fiat 500s, Suzuki Altos, Nissan Micras, and many others. Needless to say, the colourful event attracts a huge amount of attention, which is one of its main aims. Spectators are encouraged to look the Rally’s website ( This recently re-launched site explains that the Pink Car Rally is raising awareness of, and funds for, a fledgling children’s charity; The Little Princess Trust, which gives ‘real hair wigs’ to children who lose their hair, primarily through chemotherapy. There are instructions on how to participate and how to make a donation.

“The charity helps children throughout the UK and only employs two part-time staff”, states Sali proudly. “The rest of us volunteer our time, which means that most of the money raised is spent on wigs, rather than on staffing and admin costs. The downside of this, of course, is that we don’t have a paid team of fundraisers, or a PR department, so trying to find the pink cars that are out there is quite challenging.” Indeed it must be, because Sali is a single mother of three, who works full time on her own business.

“People tend to think that only Pink car owners local to the Rally route would be interested in the Rally, but this simply isn’t true. Each Rally leaves from Hereford, where the charity is based, and heads for a different children’s hospital. Pink car owners have driven from as far away as Scotland, North Wales, Sussex, and Lancashire to join in. So I would like to ask anyone who knows someone with a pink car, to please tell them about the Pink Car Rally. It’s a lovely day out and a fun way to help a wonderful children’s charity.”

So if you happen to be in Hereford on Sunday 4th September, look out for this stunning spectacle as it makes its way to the Children’s Hospital for Wales, in Cardiff. It really shouldn’t be missed.

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