Car Enquiry, A Brand New Website, Offers A Great Opportunity For Genuine Dealers And The Buying Public Alike! can provide the motor trade with 1000’s of quality sales leads because it provides the public with a safe, simple and completely FREE environment to buy and sell their new & used motor vehicles.

“Car Enquiry promotes the safety and reliability of buying through respected motor trade dealers and this boosts the confidence of potential purchasers in the site and discourages time wasters,” said Paul Boddington, Founder of CarEnquiry.
The Car Enquiry website already provides sales leads to some of the Country’s most respected dealer groups: including Inchcape, Marshalls, Hartwell and Cambria.

Mr Barker from Cambria Group said, “It is a fantastic tool to help me sell more cars and the more confidence it gives me the more I hope to sell ….. having sold two cars in the first month the site has paid for itself for some time to come.”

Paul Boddington explained: “The beauty of Car Enquiry is that there are only winners – the public now have a safe, simple and free option when looking to buy or sell a car and the dealers have a very inexpensive and professional route to acquire new clients.”

“Dealers pay a fee of just £99 per month to have unlimited access to 1,000s of enquiries 24/7. There is no cost per lead and no contract,” he said.

Dealers can match enquiries to stock as soon as they arrive and even match enquiries to cars that are expected. CarEnquiry accepted £1.5 million of Audi enquiries in the last two weeks of May alone.
Enquiries are monitored by and are guaranteed never be more than one month old.

“For our ever growing number of dealers CarEnquiry is proving to be a great new channel to market, but don’t just take our word for it – give it a try!” said Mr Boddington.

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