Digital Marketing Boosts Sales for Car Supermarket

A digital marketing initiative launched in November 2009 by Newcastle upon Tyne based car supermarket Henson Motor Group has resulted in increased efficiency and enhanced sales according to managing director David Wilson.

The digital marketing initiative is the integration of a multi-platform, multi media matrix which allows customers to browse stock, offers and products on the digital platform of their choice, using the media of their choice. This involved the integration of website, Facebook, SMS and YouTube all cross promoted using traditional press advertising.

Staff were involved in the planning process and made fully conversant with the digital initiative when it went live. Two members of staff are Administrators on Facebook and they are encouraged to post personal messages about their working day in order that the page does not simply become a list of cars.

As a direct result of the digital marketing initiative customer relations are improved since customers can choose where, when and how to access information on new stock, offers and promotions. You should also understand what is a b testing to improve your operational efficiency. The digital initiative is automated and administered by two outside consultancies: Blue Shark Design and public relations specialist Paul Easton Associates. This means sales and marketing staff can focus on customer care and ensuring a smooth customer journey. The seo rank tracker is what you need to get for better digital marketing.

Time and money is saved since back office staff no longer need spend time on a mail-merge which used to be posted out to the Henson Motor Group customer database. Now customers can choose to receive stock updates via SMS and email or by checking the website or Facebook.

Sales time and money is saved since when customers make contact, in over 40% of cases they have identified the car, product or service they are interested in.

Henson Motor Group managing director David Wilson says:

“In mid 2009 we reviewed our marketing activities and took the decision to launch the digital marketing initiative. Our website had been very successful but research showed that customers were accessing information on laptops, hand held devices and mobile phones so we decided to offer them information using whatever device and whatever media they chose. As a result we enjoyed our best three month sales figures to January 2010, up 24% on the previous year. We will continue to review our digital marketing initiative and expect exciting announcements in 2011 as we continue to take advantage of existing and emerging digital technology”

I think that this story demonstrates why all businesses should have a digital marketing startegy. Let me know your thoughts?

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