Dawdling Drivers-A Pain In The Bumper!

Motorists who dawdle at traffic lights annoy more people than bullying bus drivers, middle-lane motorway hoggers and caravans, it was revealed.

The HiQ fast fit network has asked 500 motorists what frustrates them about life on Britain’s open roads, with a general lack of urgency at green lights infuriating most.

Surprisingly, twee car stickers – including the slogans ‘sprinkled by fairy dust’ and ‘cheeky monkey on board’ – came third in HiQ’s ‘Driver Frustration’ survey.

Motorway middle lane hoggers came second in HiQ’s top 10 list of irritations, with mobile phone usage while behind the wheel fourth and people failing to indicate fifth.

HiQ launched the questionnaire as a light hearted attempt to engage with motorists, following a similarly intriguing poll in 2009, which revealed that a failure to acknowledge other road users when being given right of way was motorists’ number one annoyance.

Marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said: “”We were surprised to see the results, particularly as there was no mention of traffic wardens or speed cameras, which we thought would be the cause of major frustration.”

The top 10 list of drivers’ frustrations are:
1. Dawdling at traffic lights – 20 per cent
2. Motorway middle lane hoggers – 18 per cent
3. ‘Twee’ car stickers including ‘sprinkled by fairy dust’ 15%
4. Using mobile phone while driving – 14 per cent
5. Refusing / forgetting to use indicators – 11 per cent
6. Bus drivers’ ‘bullying’ road tactics – 8 per cent
7. Failure to acknowledge other road users – 6 per cent
8. Caravans on road – 4 per cent
9. Failing to stop at pedestrian crossings – 3 per cent
10. Smoking behind the wheel – 1 per cent

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  1. Dan says:

    Drivers not using their indicators is the one that really gets me, especially at roundabouts!

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