Science Museum Day is Huge Hit with Swale’s Primary School Children

Click above to watch Science Museum Day at Kent Science Park.

83 children from 3 Swale primary schools were left transfixed when an outreach team from the Science Museum used bubbles, magnets, fire, bricks, nails and a small stuffed frog called Phil to demonstrate and explain some of the most important concepts in science.

The team performed the four shows in Kent Science Park’s lecture theatre, for pupils of The Oaks, Halfway House and Bredgar School as the final part of the park’s 2011 Science is Fun campaign. The scheme, which started during Science and Engineering Week in March, has seen nearly 200 of Swale’s primary aged children visit the site to win prizes, take park in experiments and learn about science in a fun way.

The day started with the amazing bubble show, in which the Science Museum’s Richard Pering captivated the children by creating bubbles of all sizes, showing them how to make the perfect bubble mix and explaining why bubbles are always spheres. It then moved on to his colleague Tracey Letts telling the story of the three little pigs with lots of audience participation to demonstrate the different properties of different materials.

After a packed lunch break the science continued with a look at the fundamental forces of physics, which included the intrepid Phil the Frog being launched on a water rocket and flung from a moving skateboard to demonstrate the ways in which forces affect us all. The day finished with a fascinating insight into the human body looking at blood: what it’s made of, where it goes and what it does.

Kent Science Park’s Site Director James Speck said: “This has been a wonderful day for the children and we’re delighted to have been able to give these young people the opportunity to learn about science in this way. I really hope we inspire some of them to pursue a future as a scientist.”

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