Samsung Takes The Next Step In Cloud Computing

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has unveiled the world’s first zero client monitor using Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology, helping businesses conserve energy and reduce costs with the use of virtual desktops.

The Samsung NC220 monitor, with Cisco UPOE, powers and connects individual monitors via Ethernet to a virtualised central server, offering businesses a flexible and convenient cloud computing alternative to the traditional workstation setup. The NC220 is the latest addition to Samsung’s recently launched NC Series Cloud Displays which open up cloud computing for businesses and public sector organisations.

Software and security updates can be installed in minutes from a centralised location, eliminating the need to service each individual workstation. Additionally, the Cisco UPOE technology is designed to enable that both data and power can be supplied through a single Ethernet cable, allowing for easier installation and more flexibility when configuring an office space.

“Samsung and Cisco are leading the way in transforming enterprising work spaces,” said Phil Gaut, General Manager Display, Samsung Electronics UK. “Now every workstation can leverage the power and speed of the company’s centralised server, while reducing energy costs and creating a less cluttered environment.”

The addition of Cisco UPOE increases flexibility and choice for businesses by extending network power resiliency, at reduced costs compared to traditional power infrastructure, to an unprecedented range of devices. Cisco UPOE can supply up to 60 watts of power-twice as much as existing power-over-Ethernet technologies, which are currently restricted to 30 watts.

“Cisco UPOE doubles the amount power delivered over the Ethernet to support many more devices, including the Samsung NC220,” said Jeff Reed, vice president of Cisco Business Unit. “Now the same Ethernet cable that provides network access will power Samsung’s industry leading virtual desktop devices-dramatically simplifying deployment and management of these devices.”

Enterprises can save additional energy by implementing Cisco’s EnergyWise to better manage and monitor the power consumption of IT devices powered and connected to their Cisco network.

Zero client monitors like the Samsung NC220 are server-based monitors for businesses’ cloud computing systems. These products eliminate the need for local CPU, memory and storage at each individual workstation; instead, the monitor is connected via the network to a central server that executes tasks traditionally handled by a desktop PC. Samsung and Cisco have been working together to embed the Cisco UPOE on the Samsung NC220 since the two companies entered into a partnership earlier this year.

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