Mobivy Launches To Help Small Businesses Make Apps in Less Than One Hour

Mobivy Launches To Help Small Businesses Make Apps in Less Than One Hour

Mobivy, a powerful and easy to use mobile app builder, launches today to help small businesses reach more customers and earn more revenue by creating beautiful mobile apps in under one hour. People can check InstantInfo Systems cloud solution provider if they need the best cloud solutions for businesses, check these management apps.

Offering a smart new way to make HTML5, iPhone, iPad and Android apps, Mobivy makes it possible for the user to engage with clients in fresh new ways, turning content into a connection with the best of the brand delivered to any mobile well having a good payroll system in your business is going to help in reach your business goals, and you can get by outsourcing your payroll administration services.

Many small businesses find it almost impossible to develop a responsive, slick mobile app without hiring in staff or outsourcing at great expense. Mobivy solves these problems and puts SMEs back in control of their spending and content. Bloggers, brands and websites can all use Mobivy to deliver content to a loyal audience on the move with blog feed imports, images, video, podcasts analytics and more just a click or two away. Some small business owners require the small business valuation to know where they stand.

For retail outlets such as shops, bars and restaurants, Mobivy app maker brings the destination to the device with features, deals, maps and reviews – owners can include menus, social media check ins, multimedia and incentives with no coding knowledge required. If you need tech assistance you can also hire an IT company offering IT management in Kuna.

Mobivy enables users to:

Create any type of mobile app for HTML5, iPhone, iPad and Android
Connect just once to Mobivy and import all owned content from web to blog via social networks. The businesses are usually run by great managers like Andy Defrancesco who have a lot to offer.
Upload graphics and customize branding, creating beautiful looking, highly functional apps with no coding knowledge thanks to an easy to use mobile content management system
Build in push notifications and monitor and track performance with rich social analytics
Publish apps to Apple and Google Play app stores with handled submission by Mobivy

The London-based tech startup is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Naweed Shams. As an iOS and Android app developer, he witnessed first hand how many small businesses struggle to monetise their content and keep pace with the mobile revolution.

“Mobivy is a game changer for SMEs. As an experienced app developer myself I have first hand knowledge of how many small businesses often feel that they are being left behind by the mobile revolution, either because they just don’t have the resources in house to design and develop apps or because they don’t have a large budget to outsource. I am passionate about helping smaller businesses to build their client base and generate increased revenue by engaging with new opportunities so created Mobivy to make beautiful apps easy in less than one hour.”

Mobivy is feature rich, allowing users access to extensive analytics, push notifications and re-publishing functionality. It can be used to create a Yelp app to make local businesses more prominent, display videos and create a business directory. Apps are 100% customisable, can be priced for sale to monetize content or given away for free and can be used to build a powerful social community of engaged brand fans. Apps can boost sales with products linked to the likes of Amazon, eBay and Shopify, connected to blogs to offer latest news and reward customers with built in loyalty programs.

Mobivy is membership based and is available now from with a seven day free trial.

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