Businesses Can Now Benefit From Finger Print Recognition To Keep Tabs On Their Staff

A brand new way to keep track of employees, using fingerprint recognition, has been launched by time and attendance specialists Access-to-Time Ltd. For the first time ever, employers can now benefit from state of the art biometric technology to record their staff attendance in the work place using cloud-based computing. This at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Small and medium sized businesses, make up 99.9% of businesses in the UK and invariably have poor systems for recording their staff arrival and departure. For many small and medium sized businesses, their wage bill is their biggest outgoing, so poor time keeping can have significant impact on their costs because of overpaid wage bills. On top of this, there can be other costs incurred. For example, lost business due to unanswered telephone calls or poor face to face service because of lack of staff availability.

Examples of poor time keeping are:
* Being late for work
* Leaving work early without advising your employer
* Going on numerous cigarette breaks
* Taking longer than expected lunch breaks

In response to this, Access-to-Time Ltd have launched a new product called uAttend, which enables small and medium sized businesses to easily and effectively monitor their employees time at work using fingerprint technology. In the past these systems have been too expensive for smaller employers to use, but the uAttend system starts at £119 plus a monthly membership fee starting at £14.99. The price has been kept low because uAttend uses a unique cloud-based computing system that can be accessed online, with the added benefit of finger print technology, which cuts out any debate about the time employees spend at work.

Alastair Slade, director at Access-to-Time Ltd, who distribute the uAttend system says:
“During these challenging economic times, businesses need to keep their staffing costs down while improving productivity. I talk to many small businesses who find it a challenge to keep on top of monitoring their employees efficiently. The uAttend fingerprint system, by using biometric technology, ensures that there can be no debate about how much time staff have spent in the work place. The system being cloud-based also makes it accessible from anywhere where internet access is available, even on the move.”

James Staff, finance officer at Martin Carwardine & Co, a small business based in North Somerset, that specialises in coffee roasting says:
“There were lots of disputes between members of staff. People were saying they’d signed in and out at particular times, which in actual fact, they hadn’t. I had reached a point where I knew I had to find a solution to the problem that no-one – either management or staff – could argue with.”

“The uAttend system has really changed our business for the better. Certain people are now in the office for 9am, when originally they weren’t! My employees can now see how and why they are paid. I can print off their clocking on and clocking off times and put it in with their pay packet, and they can quite clearly see that these are the hours they’ve worked and that’s why they’re being paid x amount this month.”
The uAttend™ system terminal costs start at £119+ VAT and are available from or on 01761 410 015.

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