‘Planning a trip? Thought about what happens if you lose your passport and travel documents?’

Over half a million British tourists either lose, or have their passport stolen, while holidaying abroad each year, the result is over 1.7 million days of delayed return trips, as Britons await the official replacement documents needed to get them back home safely.

Indeed, recent research found that the average holidaymaker losing their passport or travel documents abroad has to extend their holiday by three days – costing an estimated £131 per person in extra accommodation and rescheduled flights, equating to a combined £389 million each year. This also inevitably impacts on the workplace, with many people failing to return to work due to delays in getting home caused by lost passports.

Losing your passport or travel documents abroad is a guaranteed nightmare and most insurance and travel companies always recommend photocopying your passport just in case something happens to it. However, as technology advances there is now an alternative ultra-secure solution, which can help speed up the process and avoid costly delays and serious hassle on your return trip. You can now travel with ultra secure online access to ‘the cloud’ through myTsafe.

MyTsafe is a secure, fit-for-purpose, electronic storage location for your personal travel documents designed and built with security at its heart and based here in the UK. MyTsafe is an internet based service, so you can decide when and where to access your myTsafe account anywhere in the world.

It is a confidential account to which only you will have access and where you can store the most confidential of documents with military grade security and the most sophisticated of encryption systems. Unlike most other mass online data storage solutions myTsafe is designed for your most valuable documents. Think of it as putting your valuables in a bank vault rather than storing them in a warehouse.

All the documents needed for your travel can be stored on an account, including scanned copies of:

• Your Passport/Driving license
• Visas/Itinerary and copies of e-tickets
• Insurance and the 24-hour medical assistance service details
• Credit card details
MyTsafe’ has been developed by a UK based team in Kent with not just leisure travelers but also business travelers in mind. Its key features not only include secure online storage for your documents no matter how large but also include:
• The Postbox – Ultra secure e-posting direct into somebody’s account. A simple, instant and utterly secure way of placing a document, photo etc directly into somebody’s (or even your own) myTsafe account avoiding completely the inherent insecurity of email.
• Sharing – ultra-secure sharing. Anybody with a myTsafe account can share any document in his or her account with anybody else that also has a myTsafe account.
• Reminder system – Tells you by email when a document needs to be looked at because you put a review date against it.
For those who need to work as a group there is myTsafe central, an account with multiple users – so that any group of people travelling or working together in some way can store their information centrally in one place. These could be people such as a club – the rugby tour or football club wanting to keep all their important travel documents together or business professionals travelling together and needing to store common information ultra securely.

And just in case you do lose your passport or travel documents abroad you can also store the following information on a myTsafe account so you know what to do in the event:

If your passport is stolen or lost you must report the loss or theft of your British passport as soon as possible to the local police and to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Consulate, Embassy or High Commission of the country you are in. You can get details of your local FCO post by calling +44 20 7008 1500 (0870 606 0290 within the UK) or by visiting the FCO website fco.gov.uk

For more information about myTsafe and how you can store your important travel documents securely go to www.mytsafe.com.

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