Public Sector Income Generation-Seizing Opportunities Event

Event: Public Sector Income Generation-Seizing Opportunities
Date: 12 October 2011,
Location: The Barbican, London

Having to manage with less central government funding over the next five years is a sizable challenge, the spending cuts are truly unprecedented and authorities must continue to ensure they have the adequate resources to meet the needs of their communities. To help manage the budget shortfalls local authorities have been given greater freedoms and powers to run their own affairs. At the centre of an array of measures the general power of competence means authorities will have “all the same powers that individual generally has, which will enable them to do anything apart from that which is specifically prohibited”. Councils can use the power to set up banks, develop property, run new services and own assets. There are new opportunities to innovate, stimulate economic growth and reap the rewards from any funds raised.

Under proposals in the local government resource review local authorities will have greater financial autonomy and could be allowed to keep a larger share of the money they receive from business rates. The aim is to attract business into their areas, regenerate local economies and “ensure the benefits of economic growth are reflected in the resources councils have”. Driving economic growth at a local level could see councils financially rewarded for supporting local firms and creating jobs rather than being reliant on central grants. There are new opportunities to utilise the public sector estate, make the most of intellectual property and collaborate with commercial partners to create revenue. At Public Sector Income Generation you can learn how to raise funds, provide a return of surplus or help to offset service charges. Income can be generated by providing chargeable services, advertising space, cash collecting services, utilising renewable energy and delivering back office functions for other organisations.

Public Sector Income Generation Speakers include:

Alison Scott – Assistant Director, Local Government Finance and Policy, CIPFA
Paul O’Brien – Chief Executive, Association for Public Service Excellence
Colin Cram – Former Chief Executive, North West Centre of Excellence and Director, Marc1 Ltd
David Lee – Council Leader, Wokingham Borough Council
Paul Aitchison – Commercial Director, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (invited)
David Parr – Chief Executive, Halton Borough Council (invited)

Places are limited to 250 and are awarded on a first come, first served basis

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