Moonlight Walk- A Massive Success For Hospice In The Weald

Hospice in the Weald’s 4th annual Moonlight Walk was a massive success. Over 600 walkers turned up in the pouring rain on Friday 17th June and despite the weather, walkers got into the party spirit.

As walkers arrived at the Land Registry, local band Bloco Fogo greeted them with energetic samba rhythms that encouraged many of them to dance.

Anna-Marie from Bussroot ltd was the Hospice’s stilt walker for the night. Dressed as the Moonlight Walk mascot, Luna the Cat, she joined in the dancing and posed for photos with numerous walkers.

Award winning Arena Gold apple juice was given out to all the walkers, giving then a healthy boost before the 8 mile walk. Many walkers donned glow in the dark ears and bracelets and lots of tutus and fairy wings further added to the party atmosphere of the night.


Well known author and local of Sissinghurst, Victoria Hislop together with her husband Ian arrived in time to join the walkers in a warm- up provided by personal trainer Lynda Fallon. After a stirring speech, Victoria led the countdown and at 10pm 600 walkers set off around Tunbridge Wells. Victoria commented after the 8 mile walk that she had “thoroughly enjoyed walking with everyone and helping to support our local Hospice – a charity which makes such a difference to people’s lives.”

After walking for 6 miles around Tunbridge Wells participants were warmly welcomed by staff at the Hospice in the Weald Camden Road shop giving out Taywells ice cream and sweets. This provided the sugar lift needed to finish the last 2 miles back to the Land Registry. To celebrate walkers came back to chocolate treats and hot chocolate to warm them up, before heading home.

Hospice in the Weald are expecting the event to raise more than the £60,000 raise last year. Rachel Holweger, Fundraising Director commented “this really was a fantastic event with so many helping to make it a massive party raising vital funds. The fact that both Victoria and Ian Hislop came fantastic and really appreciated. It all added to a very successful event with local people and businesses raising money for a local charity which means so much to them. We are very grateful to everyone for their part in this walk and are looking forward to planning next year already!”

Here’s why a few people took part in the walk:

Megan Shortland 13 and friends did the walk to celebrate Megan’s 13th birthday. “We wanted to something different and support the Hospice. Also we did it for the fun of it!”

Anita Ayling, Lisa Bedford, Jane Pratt, Sonia Locke and Norman Ayling walked in memory of a love one. “Our brother, uncle and friend (Terry Locke) was cared for by some wonderful nurses at Hospice in the Weald. He passed away within a week of staying, but was well looked after.”

Gregory and Giles Ball walked with their family dressed as foxes. “Our Granddad died last year and the Hospice really helped him. We want to be able to help people who need that help.”

Visit “Hospice In The Weald” for more information.

Images courtesy of IMAGEStoGO

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