Runware Doesn’t Miss A Beat With Clever iPhone Heart-Rate App

Runware has launched the Runalyzer Sport Pack, which combines an iPhone-compatible heart-rate monitor, chest strap and armband. The French-based designer of innovative smartphone accessories has been certified by Apple to design devices specifically made for iPhones, iPads and iPods (or MFi devices).

Olivier Pascal, CEO of Runware, explains, “With Runalyzer, we help people of three categories: casual athletes who want to be supported in their exercising efforts, those who want to keep in shape to live longer and better, and experienced sporting professionals who want to measure and improve their performance.”

“Our strength is that our products are compatible with dozens of sports-coaching and fitness applications that are available in Apple’s App Store, some of which are very popular,” continues Olivier Pascal.

Runware, a French-based designer of innovative accessories for smartphones, which has developed the Runalyzer heat-rate monitor — the first patented heart-rate monitor made for iPhone, iPad and iPod — has released its new all-in-one Runalyzer Sports Pack. The pack includes the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch receiver, an armband, and a new chest strap to practise sport with pleasure. The Runalyzer carries the ‘MFi’ label, i.e. ‘made for iPhone/iPod/iPad’.

The Runalyzer Sport Pack is a turnkey solution that makes practising sport easier. The heart-rate zones, which are estimated ranges of how fast the person’s heart should beat during exercise for safe and effective workout, are also provided by Runware. Athletes are coached by voice announcements, the frequency of which is determined by the athletes, and these announcements are set to alternate with the athletes’ favourite music.

The device combines heart-rate monitoring with field data, such as GPS location; routes; distance; number of steps; average, maximum and instantaneous speed; three-dimensional acceleration and orientation; and, finally, altitude.

By combining the data from the above variables, it is possible to achieve precise calculations of energy consumption, intensity of physical effort (i.e. the transitions between heart-rate zones) and fat loss in the course of each training session.

The Runalyzer is an electronic receiver that weighs four grams and plugs directly into the Apple device. It is compatible with most analogue chest straps and integrated with several apps in Apple’s App Store, removing the need for a watch. Having been developed specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the Runalyzer is a patented technology that meets Apple’s performance standards.

The comfortable, hand-washable arm strap allows for full protection of the electronic device during exercise, while permitting easy touch navigation.

Runalyzer Sport Pack is available on Amazon UK for £79. The Runware sports armband can be purchased for £19. Runware’s products are also available at other authorised dealers.

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