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Compliance And Risk Regulations To Drive Technology Spending In 2013

A combination of a depressed world economy and tougher regulation will make the financial markets rally to IT in order to underpin more risk-averse business strategies, according to a new report from Ovum. Regulatory compliance in particular will place further IT investment requirements on market participants, with risk analytics (covering market, credit, operational, and a […]

Using Plants To Help Tackle Sickness Absence

As National Stress Awareness Day puts the spotlight on wellbeing at work, Ambius, the world leader in enhancing buildings through planting, scenting and artwork, is encouraging businesses to maximise the benefits of planting in the office environment. Research has found that bringing plants into the workplace can help improve morale, reduce sickness absence and improve […]

Online Integrity Interview Launches

UK launch of pre-employment integrity interview that fine-tunes the recruitment process Did you know there were 186,300 claims accepted by employment tribunals during April 2011 – March 2012? In addition, the Government estimates that defending a claim costs UK businesses an average of £4,000. IntegriTool, the pre-employment integrity interview, will help reduce the risk of […]

Eurozone Recession Means UK Fastest Growing Major Economy In Europe In 2013 And 2014

Eurozone to remain in recession in 2013 and ‘only marginal growth’ in 2014. A distinctly worse Eurozone outlook is likely, according to the latest global forecasts by Cebr, the economics consultancy. The think tank now forecasts that the Eurozone recession will continue through 2013 and only marginal growth is likely for 2014. Although UK growth […]

Nearly £4 In Every £5 Paid In Pensions To Public Sector Workers Will Come From The Taxpayer

As the Public Bill Committee starts scrutiny of the Public Service Pensions Bill on Tuesday 6 November, leading pensions analyst Michael Johnson reveals that the cashflow shortfall between public sector contributions and pensions in payment are rising to unsustainable levels. As a result, he demonstrates that another round of public sector pension reforms will be […]

UK Economy Boosted By Olympics But Big Picture Is Flat Year On Year

The UK economy leapt out of recession in the Olympic quarter, as economic activity rose by 1.0% from the previous quarter in Q3 2012. This brought an end to the recession that had encompassed three consecutive declines in the level of economic activity and a cumulative 1.0% decline in the economy. The UK economy recorded […]

New Mortgage Rules To Stamp Out Target-Led Culture, Says

Michael Ossei, personal finance expert at, welcomes the Financial Services Authority’s initiative to stamp out irresponsible lending: “This move is not before time. For far too long consumers have been fobbed off with poor, albeit any, advice on how to manage their mortgage. Many have been encouraged to borrow more than they could possibly […]

Omni RMS Launches Blog Series On Pension Reform

Leading recruitment outsourcing specialist Omni RMS is launching a new blog series aimed at tackling the thorny issue of pension reform and auto-enrolment. The series will provide clients and fellow outsourcers with a central resource containing information, links and advice. Managing director of Omni RMS, Howard Flint, says: “We saw the confusion that many people […]

Pensioners Face A £111,416 Tax Bill In Retirement

The average UK pensioner household faces a £111,400 tax bill in retirement as increasing longevity means pensioners are living on average up to 19 years past the age of 65, new analysis from MetLife shows. Every year in retirement adds an extra £5,864 in direct and indirect taxes based on current tax rates to the […]

Workers In For A Tough Five Years As Earnings Growth Runs At A Trickle

Even by 2017, earnings are likely to grow by far less than their pre-financial crisis average New Cebr forecasts show that employee earnings growth will be incredibly weak for years to come. The forecasts are released as part of the economics consultancy’s quarterly UK Prospects report. While tomorrow’s GDP figures are expected to show that […]