Wire Belt install largest rooftop photovoltaic solar system in Kent

Two industry leaders join forces to bring extensive solar installation to Kent. Click above to watch our film.

At the Wire Belt factory in Sittingbourne, Swale Borough Councillor Gerry Lewin has officially launched the installation of a green energy source that it is estimated will save over £2,000 in electricity annually.

Leading renewable energy provider, Riomay Renewable Energies, is working with leading manufacturer of stainless steel conveyor belts, Wire Belt, to give its factory its own green energy source by installing a 98.7kWp photovoltaic solar system. It is estimated that the system’s annual yield will be 82,972kWh.

The installation is thought to be the largest rooftop installation of solar panels in Kent. The renewable energy system covers part of the roof of the Wire Belt factory in Sittingbourne, Kent. With the Government presently rewarding businesses who install renewable energy through its Feed in Tariffs, the installation makes not only environmental but financial sense for the Wire Belt management team. The 98.7kWp system will create an income of 32.9p per KWh generated equating to an estimated £27,298 per annum revenue or £276.57 per annum per kWp installed. This tariff is guaranteed and RPI linked for the next 25 years. Additionally Wire Belt will receive about £1,318 each year for exporting electricity and save about £2,394 a year on the Company’s electricity bill.

Alan Aldridge, Managing Director at Riomay Renewable Energies comments, “The Wire Belt factory is a prime example of how progressively minded businesses can not only lead the way in their own markets but also be market leaders in savvy business decisions such as installing renewable energy. They are not only reducing their energy costs now but also insulating themselves from future utility price rises, and providing their business with another stream of income.”

Paul Winter, Managing Director of the Wire Belt Company comments, “We are delighted that by installing this system on our roof that we are achieving the dual objectives of a sustainable future both financially and environmentally. We have always embraced new technologies within the belting industry and we have taken this ethos further by embracing new technologies within the energy market. Riomay Renewable Energies has advised us, designed the PV system, planned the project and installed the system. We have worked hand-in-hand with Riomay every step of the way.”

Councillor Gerry Lewin, Swale Borough Council’s Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Planning, said, “The Wire Belt Company has a great reputation and Paul Winter is an excellent advocate of the private sector. We welcome this installation as a measure to tackle climate change and would encourage other businesses to follow Wire Belt’s excellent commitment to innovation and to the environment.”

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