Wind Turbine Announcement Means New Jobs For Kent

Vestas Wind Systems has announced that it will build its new ground breaking offshore supersized 7.0 MW turbines at Sheerness Port in Kent leading to 2000 new jobs.

Vestas’ new turbine is 80 metres long, which is the equivalent of nine double decker buses, and is designed for the roughest North Sea conditions.

The announcement was made with the Peel Group after agreeing to a manufacture and instillation facility of the turbines at Sheerness Port.

Paul Carter, the Leader of Kent County Council, said

“We welcome this major announcement by Vestas. This will make a massive difference for local people by creating new jobs and bringing much needed income and investment into the local economy.

“We have spent years working in partnership with the private and public sector to bring in the required infrastructure to Sheerness and the island which has helped Vestas and the Peel Group make this important decision.

“To encourage such investment, you need a skilled workforce and the right infrastructure. To support this we set up the Swale Skills Centre to train young people to meet the demand for skilled workers in the wind turbine industry.”

Kevin Lynes, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said:

“This is a significant boost to the prospects of north Kent and the Thames Gateway area. This also sets the county up as a prime location for the off-shore wind industry and its suppliers where the world’s biggest off-shore farms are already being developed and maintained by international companies located at Ramsgate, this is fantastic news.

“We look forward to working further with Vestas and Peel Ports at Sheerness and our other Kent based off-shore wind investors to help develop the supply chain which should create many more new jobs. Renewable energy is fast becoming the economy of the future and Kent needs to be in the forefront in investment, jobs and infrastructure. This is a win-win for local people, local business and the county.”

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