Waste collection company picks up advice from Locate in Kent

A new rubbish and recycling firm has wasted no time in laying out expansion plans after surpassing its growth targets.

Trident Waste Management, based in Ashford, has attracted more than 40 customers since it began trading on September 1, 2011. The immediate uptake of its services has seen income increase consistently by more than 30 per cent month-on-month.

Owner Ivan Auty said the family-run firm, which was given start-up support and guidance by the county’s investment promotion agency Locate in Kent, was looking to quadruple business by the end of their second year.

“The response from customers has been fantastic,” he said. “Our business model is based on offering a more flexible waste management package than our competitors and I am delighted that Kent businesses have shown such an interest.

“Our vans are much smaller, mobile and environmentally friendly than the normal 15-tonne ‘dust carts’. As a result we can offer more frequent pick ups and can access all areas of sites where they have multiple waste collection points, such as campsites.

“We’re thrilled that so many customers have already seen the benefits of the bespoke nature of our service, which can be tailor-made for each client.”

Trident, which offers services in Ashford and east Kent, received advice from Locate in Kent ahead of its launch, something which Mr Auty said helped lay solid foundations for the business to build upon.

He said: “The support given to us by Locate in Kent was invaluable. They provided us with general start up help, from the website and logo to networking and putting us in touch with potential suppliers.

“It was reassuring for us to bounce ideas off the agency and receive confirmation that we were heading in the right direction.”

Trident is looking to increase its fleet of waste collection vans to six by the end of 2012/2013 and has set a three-year turnover target of £1 million.

Paul Wookey, Chief Executive at Locate in Kent, said: “We were happy to provide Trident with the assistance they needed to help get their business up and running. We were able to recommend Kent companies they could work with and provide general start up support.

“I am pleased the company has enjoyed such a successful start and wish them the best with their expansion plans.”

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