Paul Jones from Westhill Insurance Services comments on the current civil unrest

The Kent Business TV crew recently spoke to Paul Jones from Westhill Insurance. Click above to watch our film.

Civil Unrest in the UK

Paul has also sent Kent Business TV his thoughts on the current civil unrest and the implications for businesses, the public and the insurance industry itself. Please let us know your thoughts.

The costs of rioting and looting which started in Tottenham and then spread across the country, is expected to run into millions of pounds and the disruption to the local community is likely to continue for many months ahead. At a time when some of London’s most deprived areas are looking forward to a substantial spending boost from visitors to next years’ Olympics, this sends an appalling message to would-be tourists around the world.

As for who is going to pay for the damage, in all likelihood it will be insurers who will pick up the tab and the end result could be higher insurance premiums for the already beleaguered business community.
Insurers may argue that the Police were not quick enough to act and we could see claims from insurers against the Police under the Riot (Damage) Act 1886 which allows companies and individuals to sue the Police over damage caused during civil disturbances.

Businesses affected by the current disturbances are being urged to contact their insurers. The ABI (Association of British Insurers) is urging affected businesses and residents to contact their insurers to see what they are covered for and to seek immediate help.

Home insurance should cover people for fire, looting or damaged caused, while many policies will also cover accommodation costs if residents are unable to stay in their home.

Most commercial policies will cover business for damage to their premises, including interruption to their business resulting from the unrest. However, there are many policies which omit loss resultant from civil commotion – and the advice is to check your policy thoroughly.

If you have any worries about insurance, you are welcome to call Westhill Insurance Services – we can explain the insurance situation to you clearly and concisely, and our friendly and professional team will always go the extra mile to help.

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