Noise Action Benefits Communities

Communities in the area are set to benefit from a sound initiative for the disposal of a number of items of seized audio equipment by Dover District Council.

To prevent nuisance to residents, the Environmental Enforcement and Protection Department has the authority to seize noise-making equipment from persistent offenders. If the equipment is not reclaimed within six months it becomes forfeit and may be disposed of as the local authority sees fit. Rather than destroy the equipment, DDC has donated a number of items to Kent County Council for local Youth Clubs.

Cllr Pat Heath, DDC Cabinet Member for Health, Well-being and Public Protection said: “Seizure of noise equipment is not taken lightly by officers. However, when people listen to music, they do need to make sure this does not interfere with the lives of nearby residents. Noise pollution can be very disruptive causing increased stress, raised blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, and we shall continue to take such action in extreme cases. We hope this sends a message to people who feel they have a right to play music as loud as they like.

“We were very pleased to be able to donate this equipment for community use, and it is great to see seized equipment will go to good use at Kent Youth Clubs rather than be needlessly disposed of in landfill.”

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