New Creative FX Trend Is Off The Wall

A new trend in interior design has taken off: wall ‘wrapping’. The application of adhesive vinyl to walls has become increasingly popular, to decorate offices and shops. Bromley based signage and display specialist, Creative FX, has seen a sharp rise in demand as a result.

Car manufacturer, SEAT, recently had its office walls and cupboards wrapped in images of its own cars. “We’ve extended our brand identity in to the office,” says SEAT National Communications Manager, Robert Taylor, “ Customers and staff love it – it’s made the office a much more interesting place to be.”

Wall wraps are being used by companies throughout the UK either as part of their promotional activity, to reinforce their corporate identity, or even just to brighten up their offices. Sean Davis, Director of Creative FX, believes the appeal of this new trend is its flexibility, requiring little or no maintenance, and being quick and easy to install and remove. “It allows you to personalise your shop or office, with no more effort than putting up a poster,” he says. “And they can be printed in any design a company likes – using the company ID, photography or even hand-drawn designs,” he says.

With the use of outdoor inks, vinyl is also suitable for external use, and can be applied to more difficult surfaces, including corners and recesses.

Creative FX has seen its business grow substantially since it was founded over twenty years ago. “Things have come a long way since the days of putting go-faster stripes on cars,” says Davis. “Vinyl wrapping has really taken off and we’re now wrapping everything from commercial vehicles to cupboards, and tables and chairs, to brick walls. Some of our customers even want vinyl wraps in their homes.”

For more information about wall “wrapping” and Creative FX click here.

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