Locate in Kent reaches 50,000 jobs landmark

Locate in Kent, the county’s investment promotion agency, has recorded the landmark figure of assisting to create or secure 50,000 jobs in the county since its was founded in 1997.

This number was achieved by helping more than 750 companies to set up, expand or relocate in Kent.

The 50,000 figure was reached when Kempt Ltd, one of the UK’s leading digital games development agencies, confirmed that with assistance from Locate in Kent, it was moving to Canterbury from St Albans, bringing with it 12 staff and immediately recruiting locally for a newly created Digital Producer post.

Chris Kempt said the fact that all of his staff had agreed to move with the company spoke volumes for the cost of living and quality of life in Canterbury.

“For a creative business like ours there are two key things as far as getting the best from your team is concerned,” said Chris. “Money is, of course, one, but the other is where they get to work and live, and the environment they are working in, and Canterbury is such a beautiful place to be.

“It has also always been a big ambition of mine to have access to a continual stream of interns and talent. That wasn’t the case in St Albans but very much is in Canterbury with the university on our doorstep.”

He praised Locate in Kent for the assistance it provided in not only finding the offices in St Margaret’s Street but also putting it in touch with the relevant City Council officers for business support and helping with their recruitment plans.

“This is an important milestone in our history and an achievement we are proud of,” said Sir Brandon Gough, Chairman of Locate in Kent. “It comes at one of the most challenging economic times we have faced, when attracting and retaining jobs in the county is more important than ever.

“In the 15 years we have been in existence, the business landscape of Kent has changed beyond all recognition, with improvements to the M2 and M20 and major A roads, the advent of High Speed One which has made such a step change in Kent’s attractiveness to business, and the development of major business parks such as Kings Hill, Chatham Maritime and Eureka Business Park in Ashford.

“All of these are valuable assets when it comes to attracting new businesses to Kent. We will continue to work hard to bring a wide range of jobs to the county and retain those already here.”

Commenting on Locate in Kent’s success, Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council, said: “At a time when creating jobs is fundamental to the future success of Kent, it is reassuring to know that the work of Locate in Kent continues to bear fruit.

“Thanks to the county’s position, sitting between London and mainland Europe, combined with the investment in High Speed 1 and the county’s commercial property offering, Kent is perfectly placed to deliver for companies looking to establish a base in the South East of England.”

For more information on how Locate in Kent can help you find the right location for your business, call 01732 520700, or visit locateinkent.com where an interactive property search is available at www.locateinkent.com/propertysearch

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