Lend Lease Enjoys A Glowing Celebration At Bluewater

Lend Lease has celebrated the official opening of Glow, Bluewater, the unique£60 million events and exhibition venue integrated to Bluewater’s Thames Walk. It also marks the opening of the first event in the 55,000 sq ft (5,200m2) Glow, with the launch of Clarion’s Spirit of Christmas in the upper and lower halls.

Designed by internationally renowned architects, Denton, Corker Marshall, Glow is a new breed of events venue, whereby experiential events and exhibitions are brought to guests. Together with the adjacent Plaza, an entertainment-themed dining destination that opened on November 10, Glow represents a major addition to Bluewater’s unique day-out destination experience.

For Lend Lease, for whom Glow is a result of its fully integrated property approach, the day marks the completion of a major milestone in Bluewater’s evolution. Glow and the Plaza are the first physical changes to Bluewater since it opened in March 1999. Their creation reaffirms Bluewater’s position as Europe’s leading retail, leisure and events destination and heralds a new approach to retail asset enhancement and development.

Dan Labbad, CEO, Lend Lease EMEA, said at the launch of Glow: “Key to Bluewater’s success has been a combination of continuous evolution, innovation and partnership. There is no better example of all three than Glow, which is a fantastic achievement and addition to Bluewater.

“Glow is yet another example of Lend Lease’s innovative approach to property. Its development by Lend Lease challenges conventional thinking to create what we are confident will become a new model for the industry.

“At a wider level, Glow also embodies Lend Lease’s dual commitments to sustainability and safety. As a business, we are very proud that Glow includes the largest green roof in the Thames Gateway region, as well as a number of other sustainable initiatives. As importantly, that Glow has been delivered with such an impeccable safety record is a testament to the team’s commitment to being incident and injury free as a business.”

Rebecca Cardozo, Venue Director, Glow, Bluewater, added: “We have been eagerly awaiting this day for a long time and we are so pleased Glow is now open for guests, allowing them to experience first hand a whole new dimension to Bluewater.

“Clarion’s first exhibition at Glow, ‘Spirit of Christmas’, is spectacular and indicative of the scale and quality of experience that we will be providing guests. Its delivery is also reflective of the close working relationships that Glow is enjoying with the key events organisers. This is a very proud day for Glow, and significant one for the industry.”

Simon Kimble, CEO of Clarion Events, commented: “Glow, Bluewater, is an exciting new addition to the industry and creates a completely new breed of events and exhibition space. There is nowhere else like it, or with such an established loyal following as a Bluewater, which adds significantly to the overall appeal of everything that we will be organising, Spirit of Christmas included.

“We are privileged to be hosting the very first exhibition, and are looking forward to a very successful commercial partnership with Lend Lease and Bluewater.”

‘Spirit of Christmas’, the first show to take place at Glow with anchor partner,
Clarion Events, is the ultimate boutique gift consumer show. Spread across both upper and lower halls, guests will be able to choose from around 250 brands offering luxury, handpicked and desirable gifts for all the family.

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