Kent Science Park’s ToxiMet Goes Global With ToxiQuant System

Food safety testing firm ToxiMet is gearing up for a global launch of its revolutionary ToxiQuant system.

The company based at Kent Science Park, near Sittingbourne, has been invited to unveil its unique toxin-testing tool to leading members of the international scientific community in Singapore in May and Canada in June.

The firm’s portable ToxiQuant instrument accurately measures the levels of naturally-occurring poisons such as mycotoxins that are present in many commodity foods. As a result, ToxiMet’s technology would be able to reduce the impact of these potent fungal toxins on human and animal health, and satisfy stringent regulatory and trade specifications.

Mycotoxins currently contaminate a quarter of the world’s crops, including cereals, edible nuts, dried fruit, spices, dairy products, animal feed, coffee, wines, beers and cocoa, making them unsafe to consume. According to Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates global losses of foodstuffs due to mycotoxins are in the range of 1,000 million tonnes per year.

Raymond Coker, Founder and Chief Technical Officer at ToxiMet, said: “These are very exciting times for us. Presenting the ToxiQuant system at the World Nut & Dried Fruit Conference in Singapore and then at MycoRed 2012 in Ottawa, Canada, will put us in front of potential partners and buyers from a range of different markets; namely edible nuts and dried fruit in Singapore, wheat in Canada and corn and wheat in the USA.

“It has taken us five years to reach this point but we have always believed in the product. The tool matches the gold standard product currently available to suppliers in terms of performance, but, crucially, is much cheaper and does not require a large laboratory space and a specially-trained scientist to operate it.”

James Speck, Site Director at Kent Science Park, said he was thrilled Toximet, a University of Greenwich spin-out company, was enjoying such success since moving to Sittingbourne in late 2011.

“We are thrilled ToxiMet has reached the point where they can launch the ToxiQuant system on the global stage,” he said.

“Professor Coker and his colleagues should be commended for using their industry expertise to become a successful enterprise. We would like to assist more start-ups in turning their ideas into a working business, which is why we have recently set up the LaunchPad initiative.

“This scheme aims to help companies relocating to Kent Science Park to quickly develop quality links with local professional advisors and like-minded businesses and ensure that the county reaps the maximum reward from the new arrival.”

To discuss how LaunchPad @ Kent Science Park can help a business lift off call Richard Wheeler, Head of Business Development on 01795 411500 or email: Businesses interested in relocation to the Park should visit or call James Speck on 01795 411500. For more information on ToxiMet please visit

Photo:Professor Raymond Coker, Founder and Chief Technical Officer at ToxiMet with the ToxiQuant system

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