Kent Science Park Gets February Off to a Bloody Good Start

Kent Science Park got the coldest month of the year off to a positive start, as they held an extremely successful blood donation session on the 1st of February. The blood donation vans were on site from 9:30am until 4pm, and attracted a total of 78 donors from the different businesses across the Park.

The National Blood Service Staff made a fantastic job of the day with the two blood donation vans running constantly at full capacity. Blood donation has long been championed at Kent Science Park, with the Sittingbourne based site having collected nearly 3,000 units of blood for the National Blood Service over the last ten years.

Babs Knott, is the Site Administrator at Kent Science Park and organised the day. She has previously won a Supporter Award from the National Blood Service for her continued hard work to make it possible for people to donate.

Babs commented:

“Blood donation is incredibly easy and is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It normally only takes about thirty minutes and every time you give blood, you walk away knowing you have done something amazing and could have just saved someone’s life.”

“Kent Science Park has a long history of supporting the National Blood Service by holding blood sessions such as this one, and we are continually humbled that so many people take the time to come and donate. There is still the possibility that it could snow this February, and if we see conditions like we did last year, it will be more important than ever that blood reserves are high.”

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