Kent Author Pens Personal Tale Of Tyranny In Homeland

Born in Uganda, Kent based Jennifer Nyeko-Jones was the first born of nine children in her family.

As the eldest child, she inherited more responsibility than those who came after her.

Ultimately, this congenital assumption of responsibility resulted in her father sponsoring her to further her education at a private college in England.

Being a child of the colonial era himself, her father, Sirayo Yona Nyeko, had an untainted faith in the British system of education, and wanted all his children to have the opportunity to study in England, beginning with Jennifer.

In 1977, after only eight months at this college, Jennifer learned the tragic news of the death of her father from an article in the Sunday Times newspaper, while Uganda was under the brutal regime of Idi Amin.

Jennifer was determined to achieve for herself all that her father had wished for her, and to this end she has worked her way through college and law school and is now a qualified solicitor. She is happily married with three children of her own and lives in North Kent.

Since the loss of her father more than 30 years ago, Jennifer has always felt the need to preserve his memory, and the best way she thought of doing this was to tell his story and her account “THE SILENT SUNSET” was born.

Jennifer has tried to make this book unique and different from the current trend of writing about Idi Amin and his regime, and instead she has written about the brutal real life consequences of the dictator’s rule from a family’s point of view.

Her father is just one of over 300,000 victims of Amin’s tyranny, one of the most evil despots of modern history.

Jennifer’s book has been well received by literary critics and Jon Snow, Newscaster, Channel 4 News, commented:‘Much has been written of Amin’s tyranny, but Jennifer Nyeko-Jones provides a rare intimate account of the searing consequences of being on the receiving end of his brutality’

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