John Cornett joins converts to LED lighting

Educating major UK corporations on the many benefits of installing LED lighting is the new role for John Cornett, recently appointed Major Account Director of Dartford-based 8point3 LED.

John joins 8point3 after a career in international communications, and only after being convinced of the environmental and cost benefits to large corporations of installing LED lighting.

“This market is going to skyrocket,” said John, who lives in Petersfield, Hampshire. “When I first spoke to 8point3’s Managing Director Ashley Bateup, I thought what he was telling me was too good to be true. But I went away and looked into it in detail and it wasn’t long before I was contacting him to say I was convinced.”

LED lighting brings dramatic reductions in both energy consumption and maintenance costs while providing staff with a brighter, healthier working environment. 8point3 customers typically record energy savings of between 50-70% against equivalent traditional lights and significantly reduce the amount of CO2 generated by their organisation.

With an expected lifetime well in excess of 50,000 hours, the absence of routine maintenance and re-lamping costs further add to the benefits of this unique technology.

“We specify a daylight white colour for our office LED solutions with an emitted light colour around 5,000 Kelvin – equivalent to noon daylight on a sunny day,” said John. “This naturally promotes a more refreshing and vibrant working environment for staff. This colour temperature is the same as that used in lamps to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).”

8point3 uses high quality CREE chips and its fittings are designed and manufactured at its own metal fabrications plant in Belvedere, which has been manufacturing high quality products for clients such as the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Family for 40 years.

It offers a unique retrofit design service, manufacturing bespoke fittings which can slip straight into the ceiling space left by the old fitting. This means projects can be carried out with the minimum disruption to the client’s day-to-day business.

“Major corporations such as large retailers spend millions on their lighting bills, and we can help them reduce those bills by as much as 70 per cent and virtually wipe out associated maintenance costs,” said John.

8point3 LED lighting installations currently qualify for 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances, so organisations paying Corporation Tax can claim relief on the full project costs in year one.

8point3 also offers a number of financial solutions through 8point3 Finance, managed and provided by funding partners Asset Finance Management. Capital expenditure for the installation of all products can be met out of the electricity and maintenance savings. The finance model is constructed around demonstrable savings and can be linked to predicted energy inflation rates over the financing period.

For more details on how 8point3 LED lighting can save on your energy costs and improve your working environment, call 01322 629750 or email

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