How safe are Kent’s roads?

How safe are Kent’s roads for business drivers?

Here are some national stats from a recent survey.
– Nearly 1 in 3 have been the victim of a road rage incident
– 50% are scared about driving on Britain’s roads because of other drivers
– Three quarters feel angry or stressed because of the way others drive
– Three quarters believe that the penalties for dangerous driving should be harsher

Despite Government road safety campaigns, 50% of drivers are scared of driving on Britain’s roads because of the dangerous actions of other drivers, and almost 1 in 3 have been the victim of a road rage incident, according to a new survey of nearly 2,000 people.

The survey, for leading car hire comparator, questioned people across the UK about their experiences on the roads, with three quarters saying they get angry or stressed because of the hazardous way other people drive.

No wonder, when the survey found that 92% have seen drivers speeding in a 30-mile an hour zone; 80% have seen cars weaving around motorway traffic to get ahead; and 77% have seen drivers tailgating another vehicle at speed (over 70 miles an hour).

Add to this the fact that 50% have seen someone drive up a one-way street the wrong way; and 17% have seen a driver reverse on a motorway, and the potential for tragic accidents is high.

Road rage incidents reported in the survey ranged from attacks on vehicles and verbal intimidation, to being pursued by another vehicle, being forced off the road, and physical violence, with some respondents punched, kicked and bullied – even in public locations. In addition, 6% of respondents said they, or someone they know, had been the victim of car jacking.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of, says: “We all know that Britain’s roads can be incredibly busy, but the real danger comes from other drivers and their behaviour behind the wheel. The survey had reports of some unbelievably dangerous actions, not to mention physical violence and intimidation that once would have been unheard of.”

Beyond aggression, the survey found that many drivers are still easily distracted. 93% of those questioned said they had seen drivers talking on a mobile phone, despite the known risks, while other distractions included drinking coffee; eating food; watching attractive women or men walking past; applying make up; messing with a sat nav or radio; and dealing with children arguing.

Three quarters of respondents believe that the penalties for dangerous driving should be much harsher to encourage more responsibility behind the wheel.

“It seems that despite all of the campaigns for safe driving, some people continue to put their own, and other people’s, lives in danger through their actions on the roads,” adds Gareth. “It’s unbelievable to think that drivers would even contemplate reversing up the motorway or attacking someone, but they don’t seem to consider the potentially tragic consequences of their actions.

“The Government, road safety organisations, and all those operating in this area have to keep highlighting the dangers to make people think more carefully about the impact of their actions on all road users.” has launched its 2010/11 road safety campaign – ‘Hell is Other Drivers’ – designed to help make it safer for all drivers. The website – – includes a range of advice on safe driving and exclusive offers.

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