Helen Corbett takes on historic bridge role in Rochester

A new Chief Finance Officer has been appointed by the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Helen Corbett, 34, takes over responsibility for managing the 600-year-old charity’s assets and making sure they continue to provide sufficient funds to maintain crossings of the Medway at Rochester.

She is the first woman officially to fill the role – although in the 1470’s Joan Testwode, the widow of Bridge Warden William Testwood, submitted accounts on behalf of her deceased husband to bring the Trust’s financial records up to date.

Ms Corbett, who lives in Harrietsham, formerly worked in London for an investment management company.

“The Rochester Bridge Trust is a fascinating organisation that combines centuries of tradition with modern financial management,” she said.

“The Trust’s long-term financial plan is to ensure it has sufficient assets to continue to provide the existing bridges and fund future replacements when required.”

Since it was formally established in 1399, the Trust has provided five bridges at Medway at no cost to the public: the current Old Bridge, New Bridge and service bridge; the Victorian cast-iron bridge; and the mediaeval bridge, which was in use for nearly 500 years before being demolished in 1859.

For further details, visit www.rbt.org.uk

Top Photo: The Rochester Bridge Trust’s new Chief Finance Officer, Helen Corbett

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