Harbour Revision Order Update

Dover District Council is pleased to announce that, following extensive work with Dover Harbour Board, it has reached agreement on the Harbour Revision Order and is able to withdraw its objections, which were previously submitted.

This follows the completion of legal agreements, which will require Dover Harbour Board, or any other future operator, to bring forward early infrastructure, access arrangements, and associated matters, in advance of the construction of a second terminal at Dover.

The Harbour Revision Order is effectively the marine equivalent of planning consent and, if approved by the Department for Transport, would enable the future construction of the second terminal.

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of DDC said: “We are very pleased to have resolved our objections to the Harbour Revision Order through legal agreements with Dover Harbour Board. Subject to these matters now being accepted by the Department for Transport, which has to decide the Harbour Revision Order, we can move forward with confidence. The Council will be able to work with Dover Harbour Board and others to enable and bring forward progress on the Waterfront and Dover Town Centre, as part of the transformational opportunities set out in the Adopted Local Development Framework. This will capture further benefits from the High Speed Train Service, while aligning with the proposals at Calais, as a range of projects continues to move forward for the future.”

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