Free Intellectual Property Law Seminar at KSP

Intellectual Property (IP) Law is one of the hot topics for all businesses that own and commercialise their intellectual property. In order to help businesses navigate through the difficult waters of IP Law, Kent Science Park is hosting a free event in association with experts asb law.

This event is focused towards business owners, as well as managers or directors of businesses that have an IP portfolio to manage, operate and licence/sell. The event itself will provide an overview of what IP is and how this may exist and be used by a business, and will include protection strategies for different types of IP, such as copyrights, patents, trade marks and designs, and an overview on how to keep know-how and confidential information secure. It will also cover ownership issues, licensing issues, third party working and notes on managing your portfolio.

The event is running from 12pm until 2pm on the 21st of March, and is open to anyone who deals with IP. Richard Wheeler, Business Development Manager at Kent Science Park is organising the event. He commented:

“Kent Science Park is hosting this seminar with asb law, as so many local business owners and managers are unclear exactly what their rights are when it comes to intellectual property. For example, we have cutting edge science taking place on the Park and it is important for our tenants, and all businesses, that they have a clear understanding of IP Law.”

Debbie Venn, Associate at asb law also commented on what businesses should expect to gain from the event:

“IP Law is a complex issue, however we will be breaking down the complexities in order to provide an overview of the different types of rights that creators of IP own and how these can be used to commercialise the IP and create value for growing businesses. We will also be providing a summary on managing IP portfolios, which is often overlooked and can assist businesses with the housekeeping of IP rights and keeping IP rights protected.”

Although the event is free, places are limited. To secure your place on the event on the 21st March, please visit

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