Exciting new opportunities for local parents and businesses across Kent

Freelance Parents Network, a portal to connect freelancers with those wishing to hire them has just been launched. It aims to connect parents looking for freelance work with opportunities across the County.

There are many parents who are taking time off from their careers to look after children but who would love to carry on using their professional skills on a freelance basis. Freelance Parents Network is a portal that aims to connect these people with local businesses and private individuals looking to hire them.

Why take on the costs of hiring a new member of staff when a freelancer could be employed to work on your project? Ideal for either one-off short term tasks or for longer term jobs, find a freelancer who can fit in with your requirements.

Unlike a traditional employment agency, using Freelance Parents Network currently incurs no costs at all to the Hirer. Submit the details of your job to enquiries@freelanceparentsnetwork.com and they will distribute it to their database of registered freelancers.

You don’t have to be a business to hire a freelancer. You can hire professionals like qualified beauty therapists, tutors, cleaners or party planners through our site, so why not submit a free request and find someone to help out today!

Registering as a freelancer with Freelance Parents Network is completely free. Send details of your past experience and qualifications to them at enquiries@freelanceparentsnetwork.com , or contact them for further information via their Contacts Page. You will then receive regular emails containing details of jobs and projects in your area and beyond.

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