Enevis Builds Business Through Powerwall Acquisition

Dartford-based renewable energy and mechanical & electrical engineering experts Enevis has today (Monday, August 6) expanded its portfolio of products and services with the acquisition of an industry-leading Scottish ‘off-site’ construction company.

Powerwall specialises in a range of cutting-edge building products and techniques, including high-tech ‘off-site’ modular construction and green energy insulation solutions. This business model compliments Enevis’ longstanding commitment to utilise state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technologies.

As part of the acquisition Powerwall will split into two separate divisions; Enewall, which supplies renders and aggregates, which will be branded Powerwall; andEnemetric, which will focus on revolutionary Volumetric Space Frame Systems.

Gary Mayatt, Managing Director of Enevis and the newly formed Enewall and Enemetric, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have completed the purchase of Powerwall, the construction industry experts with whom we have developed a fantastic working relationship during the past 10 months.

“Like many companies, Powerwall has been affected by difficult trading conditionsbrought on by the current economic and financial crisis and was forced intoadministration. We are pleased to welcome Enewall and Enemetric, an established brand and recognised market leader in Scotland, into the Enevis group of companies. The newly named companies will form an integral part of our future UK business strategy.

“This acquisition brings stability to the company, its staff and customers. It also maximises the key strengths of both parties, allowing us to provide a greater range of services to a greater number of clients.

“By completing this significant financial and managerial investment we have added an invaluable string to our bow. We are now able to offer cost-saving, green energy services and solutions in modular building construction, mechanical and electrical engineering andrenewable energy fields – meaning we can design, construct and fit bespoke, money-saving buildings for customers across the UK.”

The acquisition was completed seven weeks after Powerwall went into administration.

To find out more about Enevis, visit www.enevis.co.uk.

Photo details:

Gary Mayatt, Managing Director of Enevis and the newly formed Enewall and Enemetric (front row, fourth from right) with Enewall and Enemetric members of staff

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