Dover Council Welcomes latest news on the expansion of the Port of Dover

Dover District Council is welcoming major news that the Government has this week given the go ahead for Dover’s second ferry terminal. The Port of Dover has said that approving the £400m scheme will, when market conditions require its construction, effectively double the capacity of Dover’s ferry port.

The approval of the Harbour Revision Order follows extensive work between Dover Harbour Board and Dover District Council, which led to the completion of legal agreements earlier this year. These will require Dover Harbour Board, or any other future operator, to bring forward early infrastructure, access arrangements, including new junctions on the A20, and associated matters, in advance of the construction of a second terminal at Dover.

This also comes in the same week that the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement set out a Government commitment to building a new Lower Thames crossing.

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of DDC said: “The Government’s decision on the Port of Dover is major news for the area, and we look forward to working with Dover Harbour Board and any other operators to see an early start to key work for the future, including infrastructure improvements and the major development of the Waterfront. This is a very important step for the district and is great news as a range of projects continues to move forward for the future of the area.

“The statement around the Lower Thames crossing, when linked to the expansion of the Port, also helps with the case for upgrading the M2/A2 route to Dover and East Kent. We very much look forward to working with the County Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership, and other partners to realise these strategic improvements.”

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