Computers 4 Africa and BoB (Maidstone) working together to help children in Africa

At a recent Business Over Breakfast (Maidstone) Club meeting, members were able to support the charity Computers for Africa by donating their old PCs and printers which will be refurbished and sent to help children in Africa. Click above to watch our film.

About Computers 4 Africa.

Computers 4 Africa is a social enterprise charity founded in 2005. Their aim is to provide opportunities for the poor and those otherwise excluded from access to ICT education and training. In January 2011, C4A merged with Digital Pipeline, a registered charity that was originally set up as a Microsoft funded project, to test the feasibility of providing refurbished computers to schools in Namibia. Microsoft’s General Manager of the Education Industry Group, Mark East, now serves as President of Digital Pipeline. The Computers 4 Africa brand has been retained as a working name for Digital Pipeline’s activities that focus on the African continent.

They collect, refurbish and data wipe used computers from individuals, private and public institutions in the UK for onward supply to Africa. To date, Computers 4 Africa has provided over 40,000 computers to sixteen different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, Computers 4 Africa has successfully converted two shipping containers into IT classrooms.

Their mission is to help lift the continent of Africa out of the poverty trap by equipping the next generation to work in a global environment.This is the 21st century version of “….teach a man to fish…..”. We do this by supplying the best value computers in the geographies where we operate. Beneficiaries pay a contribution towards the cost of preparing & shipping the equipment – but at the best price available in their locality – that is their ambition. In this way they make modern IT available to those that would otherwise never get to use a computer in their years at school.

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About Business over Breakfast (BoB) Clubs.

The best business is referred business. If you are looking at joining a networking organisation in your area, it’s definitely worth taking a look at your local Business over Breakfast (BoB) club.

Its a great way of finding new contacts that can help you find new customers easier and quicker than your competition.

Securing your exclusive place at your chosen BoB Club means you block out the competition, giving you the best chance of gaining referrals.

Their members are consistently referring business to each other, so you have up to 35 members promoting and recommending your products and services by word-of-mouth.

As well as improving presentation skills; boosting your confidence and gaining referrals, you will form strong relationships with professional people who are there to help you.

BoB club members get to know, like and trust each other and are happy to recommend your products and services, which generates quality referrals, for you to turn into good quality business.

Their fortnightly meetings provide the platform to network in a professionally structured environment that is relaxed and pressure free.

Every member is given between 60 and 90 seconds to do a quick presentation about their business. In addition, every two weeks one member is given 10 minutes to carry out a more comprehensive ‘Showcase’ presentation about their business.

There is no pressure on members or visitors to give referrals at every single meeting, as this only encourages people to give worthless referrals that are not worth pursuing.

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