Cohesive Thinking-Part 2

Cohesive thinking is an online journal of big thoughts in small features about marketing and design. Produced by Cohesion Marketing by Design they have created a series of easy to listen, simple to share videos. They call it Cohesive thinking, because they have aligned and integrated their marketing, branding and design thoughts across all the marketing channels and they want to share them with you. In this the second of their 10 video interviews, we hear from Trade Mark Attorney, Alison Cole, who sheds light on this complex area of law. Alison is a partner at Graham Watt & Co. LLP and has over 17 years’ experience in practice. Many companies spend time and money developing brands and creating intellectual works without giving thought to the value they add to their balance sheet and more importantly how to protect them. Alison shares her expertise on Trade Marks, Copyright and Intellectual Property. To subscribe to regular updates or to find out more, visit

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