Businesses Should Digest New Food Legislation, Says Vertex Law

New EU labelling legislation will give retailers food for thought, according to Kings Hill-based Vertex Law.

The Food Information to Consumers Regulations simplify and consolidate existing UK food labelling laws. However a number of new ingredients have been added to the regulatory recipe.

Article 14 of the Regulations will force those involved in distance selling – be it via a website, catalogue or over the phone – to provide a set list of mandatory information to consumers prior to purchase. These key details, which apply solely for pre-packed foods, include a list of ingredients, net quantity of the food, special storage requirements and a nutritional declaration.

Business will have until December 2014 to comply with the new Regulations and until December 2016 to comply with nutritional labelling requirements.

Kate Mayor, Commercial Lawyer at food sector specialists Vertex Law, said: “Most of the mandatory pieces of information that the Regulations refer to are already labelled on most food items sold in the UK. However, the Regulations will lead to greater consistency regarding how this information is presented.

“For businesses that sell food and drink via distance selling, their websites and catalogues will need significant updating to ensure consumers are presented with this information before the purchase is completed. This could require a lot of work.”

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