BT And The Three Top 2010 Broadband Sales Chart

Three Mobile led the way in mobile broadband, ahead of a strong showing from Vodafone.

Last year’s home broadband success story, O2, was down in fifth place, also behind Sky and Virgin Media respectively. Three Mobile continued its strong mobile broadband showing for the second year in a row.

David James, marketing director, BT Consumer, said: “We are delighted that BT Total broadband and BT Infinity have proved popular with Broadband Genie users. Last year over a million new customers joined BT for the most complete broadband. We are constantly developing our packages; in the last year alone we have included access to two million free wi-fi hotspots, up to 40Mb speeds with BT Infinity and inclusive unlimited UK calls as part of our latest deal.”

David Kerrigan, head of Three Mobile Broadband, commented: “We’re delighted to learn that we’ve led the way in mobile broadband sales through Broadband Genie. It’s testament to the investment we have made in our 3G network, which now covers 97.3% of the UK population, and our YouGov accolade as the number one network for mobile broadband.”

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling commented: “In these continuing times of economic hardship, many consumers are turning in one of two key directions; household names they feel they can trust, or bargains they can’t ignore. BT has the name, while right now Plusnet has some fantastic price points.

“The same can be said for the success of Three and Vodafone in the mobile broadband arena. Vodafone has the high street and business reputation of being strong and steady, while Three has some price and value propositions that it’s difficult to ignore.

“It is hard to predict what will happen in 2011, but with the digital switchover affecting more and more people, with many households upgrading old television equipment, we expect to see a continued rise in ‘tripleplay’ deals. This means providers such as Sky, BT and Virgin – who can provide television, telephone and broadband – should continue to grow strongly.

“In mobile broadband, we expect sales patterns to continue much in the same way as 2010, unless someone surprises us all by introducing a 4G network before 2012. We expect great things from any mobile broadband provider that can get this advance to market significantly ahead if its rivals – both in terms of straight mobile broadband, but also smartphone sales.”

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