BA statement 21 Jan 2011

BA Statement: 21 Jan 11

It is clear from this ballot result that Unite does not have the support of the majority of our cabin crew.

Of our 13,500 crew, only 43 per cent voted in favour of strike action in this ballot.

Unite has lost about 2,500 cabin crew members since this dispute started, as crew have voted with their feet. Even with a smaller membership, the proportion of Unite members supporting disruption continues to fall, contrary to the union’s claims.

We urge Unite to return to the deal we negotiated, which guarantees pay rises for the next two years and secures terms and conditions for our existing crew that are the best in the UK industry.

Tony Woodley shook hands on this deal in October. Unite said it would recommend it to members, but then reneged on its promise. This U-turn reflected the union’s deep-seated internal divisions, especially its dysfunctional relationship with its crew branch, BASSA.

It is time for Unite to listen to the majority of crew and to its members in other parts of the airline, who want an end to this dispute.

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