20 new jobs created in Kent for the price of one nationally!

The Kent Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs is creating jobs in new businesses at an average of only £2,000 each compared with Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim recently that £40,000 was the cost to the public purse for every job created in the UK.

Using a modest grant from Kent County Council, for over 25 years the Foundation has levered support and volunteer services for Kent’s young entrepreneurs to stimulate and grow jobs and businesses at a fraction of the national average.

Through educational workshops, 1-2-1 information and advice, volunteer business mentoring and

a range of other tangible services provided free of charge and direct to young people, the Kent Foundation is the jewel in the crown of Kent’s business support network for young people.

Paul Barron, Director of Kent Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, said: “Targeting young people, under the age of 30 who want to start their own business, we are limited only by our capacity to do more. We continually draw upon our reserves to invest in the County’s youth – a population with unacceptably high levels of unemployment and a low level of opportunity Fortunately our small but highly efficient staff team is able to draw on the support a small army of volunteers from the County’s business community who freely support fund-raising events, business development programmes and act as mentors to young people.”

Kent Foundation Chairman Allan Mowatt, said: “We are highly effective in transforming young people’s ideas into enterprises that contribute to Kent’s economy. We are grateful to the County Council for supporting our efforts and are making their money go a very long way. Our model works well and there is no doubt that we are making a significant difference to the lives and opportunities of young people. We are truly proud of our value for money approach in helping to boost the Kent economy but are frustrated knowing we could achieve so much more with greater financial backing. I would be delighted to show the Government how we have gone about getting youngsters off benefits and into work and paying taxes. Who knows what more we could achieve with the Prime Minister’s backing and even more resources?”

Young people aged between 18 and 30 with an interest in starting a business in Kent can apply to the Foundation for help. Volunteer business mentors are also currently being recruited for a 1 ½ day training programme on 17 November and 2 December. For further information email kent.foundation@kent.gov.uk, call 01622 694341 or visit us online at www.kentfoundation.org.

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